Mobile First

Over 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, a number that keeps growing. By 2021, $700B in annual sales will be directly processed on mobile platforms. BackslashDev thinks mobile first.

Built to Scale

Everyone wants to grow, and we want to grow with you. Our products are built to match your needs today, and to grow with you as you scale for the future.


BackslashDev builds applications that are secure. Whether you’re needs include protecting HIPAA, CJIS or PCI data, we have the expertise to help you sleep at night knowing your data is safe.

Cross-platform, responsive, secure, and scalable web apps are what we build

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Things We've Done Recently

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Law Enforcement Reporting

Enabling citizens to make non-emergency reports to local law enforcement

Radiology Image Sharing

Allowing doctors and their patients to collaborate and share medical imaging.

Pharmacy Patient Management

Managing medications, allergies and reactions in a hospice setting

Voice CMS

Enabling customer engagement via voice platforms like alexa, siri, google home or even the old fashioned telephone.

Package Delivery

Enabling delivery tracking of sensitive packages across web and mobile platforms

HubSpot - SQL Sync

Synchronizing an in-house application database with HubSpot contacts and companies