Voice Content Management

Voice. Simple. Clean.

Project Synopsis

In the year 2017, smart speaker sales tripled. 25 million devices were sold during the year with 11 million moving during the final quarter alone. Voice as an engagement platform is clearly on the rise. Up until this point, however, it has required very specialized application developers to create these voice interactions that live inside of the worlds smart speakers.

Not anymore.

The purpose of this project was to create a platform that could be used by non-technical subject matter experts to create engaging, useful and responsive voice user interfaces for any purpose. The creation of these experiences on this platform is as easy as the creation of a drag and drop web form.

The platform allows management of the voice user interface content in a very familiar “CMS-like” manner and allows for things like outbound notifications, API integrations and complex rule management to drive dialogue.

Project Requirements

Intuitive Design

Building voice user interfaces is generally a hard task for a user to engage in. The platform had to take these complex concepts and create a simple, intuitive interface that was aimed at a subject matter expert, rather than an expert technologist.

High Availability

Because the application is built as a SAAS platform it must be highly available, scalable and capable of real-time interaction at the speed of human conversation. The application cannot go down, and must reply to every message it receives.

Cross Platform

The platform allows for voice dialogues in any voice channel, including telephone, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Alexa. The platform also allows for web-based API access, and SMS messaging engagement as well.

Technologies Employed

Angular JS
Microsoft Azure Service Fabric
Responsive Design
NoSQL Databases
SQL Databases

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