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Software Developers are Expensive

Hiring Software Developers is a challenge for many businesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median software developer salary in the US is $112,921.00 annually.  This is before factoring in basic benefits, and required taxes that also have to be paid to a staff developer. Tacking those items on results in an additional cost of over $37,000!

Going further, when you include the cost of overhead (office space, technologies, management structure, admin costs) you balloon this number to a whopping $198,000 meaning that you’re paying your software developer $112,000 annually, and another $86,000 just to keeping them on staff.

Median Software Developer

  • Salary
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • PTO
  • 401K
  • Training & Overhead
  • General & Administrative

There is a Better Way

For some businesses, the cost of having developers on staff makes sense. For example, if your primary business is producing a software product, you need a core team of developers who know that product inside and out to work on it.

For most businesses, however, outsourced developers can make a lot of sense, for the following reasons.

Short-Term Engagements

If your business only needs software developers for a few months out of the year, it makes great sense to out source those needs. In these cases your core business is something that is assisted by software, but not a software business. Hiring external developers gives you the flexibility to scale up and down as needed.

Low Cost of Acquisition

You could have a brand new software developer ready to rock, tomorrow, by outsourcing. Our developers have already been recruited, they already have the latest technologies and are well versed in its use. Our developers have years of experience, and they’re ready to start learning about your business right now.

No Overhead

Our developers are all 100% on-shore, and we work together out of a single, open office. You don’t pay a dime for their training, their equipment or their teammates who provide invaluable sounding boards and expertise on tough problems. Recreating our environment, at most companies, would take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We're Experts At

Software developers love to pad their resumes with all of the technologies they’ve heard of, read about or worked through a demo of.  When we talk about experience, we mean that our developers have time in the trenches solving business problems with these technologies. Experience you can count on.

Numbers in the chart to the right represent the proportion of our team who are experts in each of these technologies.

Responsive Web Design
Angular JS
SQL Server
RESTful API Design
Security and Data Protection
Voice Enablement

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