Radiology Image Sharing

Medical Imaging. DICOM. HIPAA.

Project Synopsis

Medical imaging is fraught with proprietary data systems and formats which make it very difficult to share radiology images between hospitals. Historically, it has been nearly impossible for a patient to transfer their images from doctor to doctor without the need to manage physical copies of those images on CD or other media.

The purpose of this application is to simplify the image sharing process. Whether the sharing is being done between doctors or medical offices for referrals, or by patients to their new doctors, the platform makes it easy and secure. Doctors and patients can exchange images with a single click, using only their email address. The application can be used to view the images, add comments, or even attach full reports.

The software can further be used by hospitals and medical professionals to intelligently route images through and between hospital systems automatically for quick access wherever it is needed.

Project Requirements

Simplified Sharing

The application must allow doctors and patients to share with each other, even when the recipient does not already have an active account. This may include a short-lived share or an invitation to join the platform.

DICOM Automated Processing

The system must allow for rules to be established to automatically route images based on various DICOM tags, and use standard DICOM operations to route images between hospitals, users and individual modalities.

HIPAA Compliance

Because all of the data flowing within this application is explicitly protected by HIPAA great care must be taken to ensure that shared data is only accessible by the intended recipients and that patient data is protected at all times.

Technologies Employed MVC
Javascript and JS Frameworks
DICOM Standard
HL7 Messaging
SQL Databases
AD and Single Sign On

Need to share or exchange sensitive HIPAA controlled data via DICOM or HL7?

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