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Project Synopsis

At least 40% of all calls to 911 are for non-emergency situations. In these cases, the calls are marked as lower priority and the citizens have to wait for an officer to become available. In the meantime this is costly in terms of resources both in the 911 dispatcher fielding the call, and the law enforcement officer who must eventually respond to the call.

The result is an angry citizen who feels their needs are not being met, and overworked law enforcement agencies who don’t have the resources needed to put full attention on high priority situations.

This application was built to serve both needs. Citizens get responses from their law enforcement agencies with virtually no waiting on any platform they choose. Law enforcement is able to respond to these reports in an automated fashion, freeing up resources while delighting their citizens. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Project Requirements

Multi-Channel Engagement

The application allows citizens to engage their local law enforcement via virtually any platform. This includes desktop and mobile web, mobile applications, telephone and other voice platforms, and SMS.

Customizable Service

Each law enforcement agency has the power to decide which crimes to accept via the reporting tool, and the workflow that each report will follow upon completion. Customization includes internal and external notifications, and automated follow-ups.

Secure Data

Because we are dealing with potentially secure data, we must leverage the latest in secure technologies including encryption, data tampering detection, and extensive authentication measures.

Technologies Employed

Angular JS
Responsive Design
NoSQL Databases
SQL Databases
3rd Party Integration

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