Improving an Existing Software Product

Why Fix What Isn't Broken

A business that isn’t growing is dying, and the same can often be said for a software product that doesn’t grow. Technology changes extremely fast, your customers love having the latest mobile devices, the coolest smart watches, and they expect your products to stay near the leading edge as well.

Here are a few ways we can work with your existing product, click on a topic to learn more.

Responsive Design

The internet is being accessed from a wider range of devices today than ever before. 50% of Americans own a tablet device and over 70% own a smart phone. Deliver your application in a way that looks tailored to your user, no matter their form factor.

Speed & Performance

53% of users will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Don’t lose those customers! We know all the latest tricks to get the speed you need.

Cloud Migration

Moving to the cloud ensures that your application can grow with you. From globally distributed data to ensure fast delivery, to world-class disaster recovery and security provisions, the cloud is ready for your business.

Ease of Deployment

Maybe you don’t change your app as much as you’d like just because it’s hard. We can implement simple and fast pipeline deployments that allow you to deploy changes with the click of a button.

Voice Enablement

The Voice User Interface is the next big trend in app development. We can show you how to use the power of smart speakers to engage your users and employees in new and exciting ways. Voice engagement drives users to your products and delights them.

Machine Learning

Computers are smarter today and can do more to help understand trends in data and predict future needs. We can show you ways to implement Machine Learning & AI to improve your current offerings.

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