Package Delivery

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Project Synopsis

The story of the package delivery application is a common one. A customer comes to us asking us to help improve their business process. In this case, our customer was using excel spreadsheets and manual data entry to manage a complex and sensitive collection of packages that he was charged with delivering. These packages needed to be tracked and accounted for from pick-up to drop-off along with any exception handling along the way.

We worked closely with this customer to identify their process, and design a new way for them to do business. We worked with their suppliers to develop integrations that worked for their needs and saved them time. Further, we simplified their ability to answer the question “where is package X?”.

Drivers access the application via their mobile phones and administrators can access it via desktop web as needed.

Project Requirements


Drivers need to be able to access the application to record package events from anywhere, requiring a solid mobile interface with minimal impact in unconnected scenarios.

Increased Efficiency

Our customer’s employees were spending numerous hours and thousands of dollars a week on package management tasks that were simplified with the one-time cost of application development.  The application removed the need for this time to be spent, saving money and increasing accuracy.


Because our customer was delivering packages on behalf of someone else, we need integration with their 3rd party system. We worked directly with them to develop this integration to simplify their and our clients process.

Technologies Employed

Angular JS
Responsive Design
Google Firebase
SQL Databases
Mobile Applications

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