Our Software Development Process

Everything we do is

Centered Around You

Nobody knows your business like you. You alone are uniquely positioned to know what your business needs to grow and to thrive. We bring a unique understanding of how to use web-based technologies to bear in solving business problems of all shapes and sizes.

Our software development process starts with you. Rather than ask you what you’d like to build, we’ll start with why you’d like to build anything at all. We’re experts at translating business needs into technology solutions.

We love to watch how you work today, and talk with your employees, customers and partners. The better we understand who you are and what you do, the better positioned we are to meet your needs.

Once we're on the same page we put pen to paper

Bringing Ideas to Life

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In software development, a functional prototype is worth a thousand hours of development and can be completed for a mere fraction of that cost.

We’ll start with a black and white wireframe, simple and clean, to give us a place to start the conversation. We’ll probably be doodling these as you’re explaining your ideas.

We’ll transform the wire frames into colored, branded, high-fidelity mockups that will begin to tell the story of the product we are bringing to life.

Many companies stop here, and start writing code, but the user experience is even more important than a pretty picture. We’ll build functional prototypes that you and your customers or employees can use directly to prove that the ideas work, and the needs are being met.

All of this before a single line of code is written.

Then comes the easy part

Writing Code

In a lot of ways, actually writing code is the easiest part of our job. Provided we’ve completed the first two steps, by the time we crack open an editor and start laying down C# or JavaScript we’re merely translating designs and ideas into a language the computer understands.

We work in iterative sprints, usually lasting two weeks a piece. At the end of each sprint we will deliver to you an actual working chunk of your final product. This keeps your cost predictable, allows you to continuously see real results, and puts you in control of the development process.

You will start seeing results quickly, as your project comes together before your eyes.

Always be closing? Always be Delivering!

Delivery & Support

Always Be Closing (ABC) is a famous slogan in business and in pop culture. At BackslashDev, our motto is Always be Delivering. 

Software Development shops around the world are littered with completed or nearly-complete software projects that are left in the corner to die. Software developers poured their blood, sweat and tears into completing this projects only to see them die from a lack of customer interest, poor budget control, or constantly changing requirements.

Our process is set up to start delivering real, working working software as quickly as possible. You’ll have a system to show your employees, customers and investors. We use continuous delivery and project management fundamentals to keep you and us on the same track and drive the project to completion. We celebrate with you each time our code sees the light of day.

And we don’t stop at delivery. Your business changes and often the product needs to change. Whether it’s dealing with increased scale requirements, new business needs, or even handing off to your internal support or development team, we stay with you until the job is done.

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