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Project Synopsis

Many customers make the decision to migrate from internal system to off-the-shelf replacements prior to contacting us. In this case, our customer had began using HubSpot to manage their customer data including companies and contacts. The trouble was that they also had this data in an internal system, and that it was quickly getting out of sync.

The customer asked us to analyze their situation and develop a solution whereby the data in their HubSpot application and the data in their internal application would stay in sync.

In response to these needs we built a middleware solution that was capable of migrating and comparing data between the clients system and HubSpot. The middleware could detect changes, resolve conflicts and handling merging of our customers data. All of this was controlled through a simple web portal that gave our customer complete control and audit trail over their data.

Project Requirements


Because we were dealing with our customers business records we add to ensure that the connection between HubSpot and SQL was reliable, and that data was handled correctly from the beginning. Our sync could not impact internal systems and needed to work consistently.

HubSpot Integration

HubSpot is an animal unto itself and we had just a few short weeks to understand it’s APIs and adapt a solution that worked for our customers needs. We solved for things like rate limiting, file size limitations and complex internal HubSpot rules.

User Controlled

Our customer needed complete control of what data was moved where, when, and how conflicts were resolved. Further they needed a complete data audit trail that explained what happened to the data, when, and why.

Technologies Employed

SQL Databases
HubSpot APIs
Angular JS
Responsive Design

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